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IN 2018,


If you want to push your creative boundaries let TONI&GUY be your guide. From the fundamentals through to creative expression we offer education at every level.

TONI&GUY academy


TONI&GUY Future Foundation Course

Future Foundation
3 Days $856.00  26th Feb, 14th May, 25th June, 13th Aug, 19th Nov
5 Days $1284.00

TONI&GUY Creative Cut Course

Creative Cut 
1 Day $428.00  8th Jan, 16th April, 16th July, 3rd Sept, 22nd Oct
2 Days $749.00
3 Days $1016.50

TONI&GUY Creative Cut and Colour Course

Creative Cut & Colour
2 Days (Cut) 1 Day (Colour) $1284.00  8th Jan, 16th April, 16th July, 3rd Sept, 22nd Oct

Toni&Guy Quintessential

3 Days     $963.00 4th June, 1st Oct

TONI&GUY Fundamental Hairdressing

Certificate in Fundamental Hairdressing (Level 1 Haircut)  
15 Weeks   $2166.75 5th March, 7th May

TONI&GUY Fundamental Technical

Certificate in Fundamental Hairdressing

Certificate in Fundamental Hairdressing (Level 2 Haircut)

10 Weeks $1444.50 2nd July, 10th Sept

Certificate in Fundamental Hairdressing Technical

Certificate in Fundamental Hairdressing (Level 2 Technical)

8 Weeks    $1027.20 6th Sept, 25th Oct    
Creative Cut    
1 Day $428  ?
2 Days $749 ?
3 Days $1016.50 8th Jan, 16th April, 16th July, 3rd Sept, 22nd Oct

Weekday Treats!

The primer detangles and reduces breakage, while the two-day extender refreshes your 'do.

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